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IN SPAIN: accommodation, car, civil liability etc...



Thinking about insurance as a student in Spain is not thinking about the worst, it is just thinking about avoiding the worst in case of an incident or accident in Spain.


  1. Home insurance 

It is possible that students already in Spain will tell you that they do not have insurance because they are in a shared apartment and have never had a problem.


Sometimes it is even the real estate agency or the owner who will tell you that the insurance of your home is not mandatory.


We strongly advise you not to be negligent on this point, indeed :

  • What will happen if you set the house on fire?
  • What happens if you leave a faucet open and cause water damage?
  • What happens if the upstairs neighbor causes a flood that damages your personal belongings?

Without home insurance, you will be responsible for all costs incurred by these incidents.


Therefore, we really advise you to insure your student accommodation in Spain.


  1. Vehicle insurance

A simple number should help you decide: 183. This is the number of days in Spain beyond which you cannot legally remain insured in France.


Once again: beware!


In the event of an accident in Spain with a foreign vehicle, insurance companies can deploy considerable resources if they suspect you have committed fraud in this respect. If your insurance proves that you have exceeded the 183-day time limit, it will not compensate you (neither for property damage nor for personal injury), and you will also have to pay compensation to your victims.


Some insurers have even more restrictive clauses on the use of the vehicles they insure abroad. Find out all you can before bringing your car to Spain for your studies.


To insure a vehicle in Spain, it must be registered in Spain: either it was bought there, or it was bought abroad, in which case you'll need to take the necessary administrative steps to register it in Spain.


  1. Civil liability insurance

Home and vehicle insurance normally includes liability insurance.


This will automatically cover you for the entirety of your studies in Spain, especially during your internships, which is never a waste of time, especially for students who are studying in the health field for example.


  1. What advantages does Atlantis from the AXA Assurance group offer?


  • Preferential conditions to benefit from the full range of insurance products for Targobank's student banking customers.
  • Atlantis' complete offer with insurance solutions for any student: Auto, home, liability, etc...
  • A service entirely in French for French-speaking students, ultra-secure for parents who can manage exchanges for the student, in the event of claims or accidents.


  1. How to contact Tomamos Impulso - Contigo?

For French-speaking customers in Spain, Tomamos Impulso - Contigo offers a complete range of services available throughout the country.


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