What is my level of Spanish?

Preparing your study project in Spain

Do you want to study in Spain?

Do you want to study dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, architecture, business, etc.?

What all these programs have in common is that you will need to speak Spanish.

Where to start?

Evaluate your level by taking the Cervantes Institute test. The Instituto Cervantes is the public organization of the Spanish state in charge of teaching and spreading Spanish culture throughout the world. It is therefore the reference in terms of evaluation and certification in Spanish.


At the end of your test, a level will be displayed. This level corresponds to the classification of the Spanish courses that will allow you to reach this level.

Your current level is therefore the level below the one displayed on your test result.

What are the different levels of Spanish?

If you get an A1 or A2 level, you are a beginner. A very important effort must be made to be able to study in Spain with confidence.

Contact us by e-mail at info@feeduc.eu if you need advice.

Or simply consult our partners who offer Spanish courses throughout the year.

If you have a level B1.1/2, it means that you have acquired level A2 and that you will have to start courses to reach level B1. There is therefore a complete level to acquire before having acquired level B1.

If you have a level B1.3/4, it means that level B1 is being acquired but is not yet fully acquired. An additional effort must therefore be made.

This is the most common result among students who wish to study in Spain. So you are in the average range and need to work harder to get a B1 level that will allow you to start your studies in Spain with more ease.

We recommend that you take a Spanish course to reach the B1 level or higher that is required in many universities.

You can find Spanish courses with our partners at this link.

If you have a B2.1/2 level, congratulations, the B1 level is acquired. But don't be satisfied with that! You are on the right track. Keep working on your Spanish to get closer to B2 as soon as possible.

If you have a B2.3/4 level, you have practically reached the B2 level. Continue like this and you will be able to enter the vast majority of Spanish universities in the desired program, provided you meet the other selection criteria.

This result is very encouraging and already sets you apart from the majority of students. But don't rest on this good news and continue to progress by taking courses with our partners who are indicated on this link.

If you have a C1 level on this test, the B2 is acquired and a big step towards a university in Spain is accomplished. Continue to work on your Spanish to refine your knowledge of the language. It will always be helpful.

If you score a C2 on the test, you have achieved a C1 level. You are bilingual in Spanish and can focus on the rest of the admission requirements for a university in Spain.