Veterinary study in Spain

Veterinary programs in Spain

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Become a veterinarianand study in a veterinary school in Spain

Become a veterinarian by studying in Spain

The 5-year veterinary course at FEEDUC's partner universities in Spain trains students to handle and care for animals.

Acquire a solid knowledge of biology

During your veterinary studies in Spain, you will attend courses on the major concepts of physics, chemistry, statistics, biology and biochemistry, which are the basis for specialized veterinary training.

You will also take courses in animal anatomy, micro and macro biology, epidemiology, immunology, genetics, parasitology or pharmacology.

You will integrate notions of toxicology, infectious diseases, odontology, ophthalmology, hygiene, obstetrics, emergencies and intensive care for both farm animals and exotic and wild animals.

Becoming a veterinarian through practical cases

The study program of the veterinary school in Spain is oriented towards practical cases. To become a veterinarian is to have knowledge of animal diseases, hygiene standards, and to learn surgery and other treatments on concrete cases.

The veterinary profession is multidisciplinary: recognition of pathologies, prescription of treatments, administration of care, medical and surgical follow-up, sanitary investigations, advice to owners, food monitoring, farm follow-up... Becoming a veterinarian also means learning how to optimize the yields of animal farms (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs or horses).

You must integrate all the knowledge on animal diseases important for human health (such as tuberculosis, rabies, avian or swine flu...). The veterinary training makes you a specialist in the hygiene of animal foodstuffs or foodstuffs of animal origin through sanitary controls allowing the marketing of foodstuffs for human consumption.

Environment of the veterinary training unit

You will benefit from exceptional facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories, infrastructures that are rare in Europe, equipment that is unique in Spain and prestigious teaching teams.

As a future veterinary medicine graduate, you will be operational and well trained to quickly enter the job market. You will acquire a great deal of knowledge and learn to be very versatile.

This course of study, which allows you to study veterinary medicine in Spain, is extremely demanding, but as a student never finds himself in it by chance, he knows how to mobilize his resources and his energy in the service of the success of his studies.

FEEDUC's partner universities in Spain have the resources to meet your expectations, and sometimes even exceed them.

Studying veterinary medicine in Spain can sometimes feel like a daydream.


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