Tourism studies in Spain

Tourism programs in Spain

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Work in the tourism sectorand study in a school specialized in tourism studies in Spain

The Canary Islands, the Costa del Sol, the Costa Brava, Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza... So many places that you may already know or that make you dream! Spain is a leading country in the tourism market with over 83 million tourists in 2019.

And of course, to welcome all these tourists, you need to train professionals in the sector. FEEDUC offers a range of tourism training courses in Spain that will give you an extra edge when you enter the job market. Firstly, unlike in France, it's a 4-year university course (Grado en turismo) and not a two-year BTS. So you'll be a university graduate.

In addition, you will have a perfect command of Spanish, a language that is so important in the tourism sector and that can open the doors to Latin America.

Finally, the universities we partner with will offer you the best internships in the most important companies in the sector. It is then up to you to make the most of this experience and opportunity.

You will study law, marketing, taxation and all the basics of running a business in the tourism sector. Languages will also be part of your program and you will finish with practical internships and more specialized subjects in the field you are interested in.

Masters in Tourism in Spain

For those who have a different background but wish to focus their career in the tourism sector, there are many master's degrees in this field.

Here are some examples of available programs:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Management of hotel and catering companies
  • Innovation and tourism marketing
  • Protocol and event organization
  • Cultural tourism
  • ...


  • You are a university student and can access a master
  • You are studying in a world leader in tourism
  • You can learn at least two languages (Spanish and English)
  • You have a much greater international outlook
  • You will have a practical training from the1st year

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