Universidad de Valencia (UV)


The Universidad de Valencia is one of the oldest public universities in Spain. It was founded in 1499 under the name "Estudi General".

The Universidad de Valencia has become, a modern public university that teaches all areas of knowledge: economic and social sciences, and legal, experimental sciences, engineering, health sciences, educational sciences and humanities .

It has over 55,000 students.



The Universidad de Valencia has several campuses and numerous affiliated centers, extensions, delegations, and locations, such as the NAU Building or the Jardí Botànic.


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The Universidad de Valencia is divided into 3 main campuses:

  • Blasco Ibáñez - Av. de Blasco Ibáñez, 28, 46010 València (Medicine and Odontology, Psychology, Geography and History, Philosophy and Educational Sciences, Philology, Translation and Communication, Physical and Sports Sciences, Physiotherapy and Nursing School)
  • Els Tarongers - Av. dels Tarongers, s/n, 46022 València (Economics, Law, Social Sciences and Education.)
  • Burjassot-Paterna - Carrer del Dr. Moliner, 46100 Burjassot, Valencia (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Pharmacology and the Higher Technical School of Engineering)


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